The Estate Planning Team, Inc.

Many retirees or people who are nearing retirement are worried about their financial security and concerned about the market volatility, rising health care costs, inflation & taxes. They may not know when they can afford to retire or how much they can really be spending. The Estate Planning Team, Inc, a fee based Ohio registered fiduciary planning firm has been helping people in the Greater Cleveland area for 30 years through objective, unbiased advice. We focus on helping our clients get the most net benefit from financial decisions through long term conservative, realistic plans. Planning can be beneficial for estates of any size.

The Estate Planning Team offers a free, no obligation consultation to determine if and how we may be able to benefit you. Just for scheduling by May 31, 2017, we'll prepare a free IRA, Company Plan or Tax Qualified Asset analysis to show what happens if you follow minimum required distribution and how much you get to spend, how much the government will get and what is left for your heirs! Learn the choices you have available!

There are many planning options & hourly planning to meet your needs & your budget. Call (440) 239-2090 or email today!

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 Disclaimer: The Estate Planning Team, an Ohio Registered Investment Advisor. The website is for informational purposes only and should not be acted upon without professional advice. The Estate Planning Team, Inc. is a fee based planning organization that offers a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your questions or concerns related to you and your family's financial life. For a consultation, call The Estate Planning Team, Inc. at (440) 239-2090 or visit